Upload an SD File

To start a new batch registration, you will need to upload an SD file (see an example SD file) that contains all the structures and any other fields that you want to populate in the sample, lot, or container records.

Tip: Before uploading the SD file, you should check that the structures are generally of good quality. Salts can be included in the parent structure - but you may want to move the salt information to a separate field with the registered salt name and another field for the number of salt equivalents. Also check that any charges on the molecule are appropriate for how the salts are registered so that the correct formula weight is calculated (for example, if the salt is registered as a neutral molecule then the parent molecule should be also).

You can navigate to this page through the Chemistry application from the Samples > Small Molecules > Bulk Registration from SD File menu.


On the Unprocessed Registration Files page, look below any previously created files and click on the Upload New File button. Be sure that the correct sample type is selected as the type to create.


Browse to the file, select a project, and select Upload.


After uploading the file, you will need to map the SD fields.